Gutmann’s giveaway was the cat’s meow

A lot of us were smiling Cheshire-style today when we a got a free kitten handed to us by the president herself in front of her Walnut Street home. Go ahead, read that sentence again.

By noon, kittens were appearing all over campus: tucked in backpacks, under armpits and in the hoods of hoodie wearers’ hoodies. As word spread, throngs (throngs) of students continued gathering around the prez’s house as she rapidly dispensed kittens left and right, neither pausing to answer ‘why?’ nor ‘how are there this many?’

What else is there to know? Well, nothing, besides that this is Reason #93591278 why our president is nothing short of #1.

2 thoughts on “Gutmann’s giveaway was the cat’s meow

    1. This was part of my application to be a contributor on Under the Button, a university blog. I had to write a mock post about the following (fictional) scenario: “you’re walking by the President’s house on Walnut and see Amy outside giving away kittens for free to a crowd of students.”

      Hope that explains the randomness.


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