Ishmam Ahmed is a freelance artist, writer, and engineer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota who is currently wondering why he wrote this in third-person. Hello, welcome!

This little corner of the web is where I host my creative projects, as I’ve been doing without my parents’ permission since 2008. It’s a hub for my online portfolio so, when the time comes, please ask the mortician to hyperlink it to my cyber-tombstone before melting it down into a chat bot you can talk to about: realizing your vision for a creative project, making and selling art online, navigating school and life, visualizing data, travel and photography, creative writing, the DP, oddly specific playlists, or any other tabs open in your mind. Need a hand or an ear? I’m here.

Thank you for visiting. I’m currently available to clients who are interested in commissioning professional illustration and artwork. Please feel free to use the menu above to navigate my portfolio, or contact me with any inquiries.

All the best,