Hello, and welcome! My name is Ishmam Ahmed. I’m a freelance artist, writer, photographer, and website-haver.

This corner of the Internet is where I post my creative projects, as I’ve been doing without my parents’ permission since 2008. It serves as an online portfolio, so when the time comes, please do me a favor and make sure they hyperlink it to my cyber gravestone before its melted down into a chat bot that you can talk to about: achieving your ambitions for a creative project, making and selling art online, data design and visualization, travel and photography, creative writingwriting for Under the ButtonTwitter, TumblrSmash, niche Spotify playlistsnavigating school and life, making a killer kale salad, and anything else that may be on your mind. Don’t be surprised though if it spits out this gif sometimes. In other words, I’m here, and happy to help how I can.

To navigate my work, please use the menu above and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Thanks for visiting.