Photography has brought me a lot of joy over the years. When my photography cap is on, I tend to gravitate toward the vibrant and unique things in life. I got my start as an over-filtering amateur on Instagram, documenting day-to-day life around my college campus. The hobby evolved into duty when I threw my name in the hat for—and somehow landed—a job with Penn’s official social media. I had a blast exploring Philly, attending shows, capturing day-to-day moments, and sharing my findings. Throughout the years, photography has been a creative medium I continue to cherish.

If you’re looking for someone with an artistic eye (it’s a medical condition, don’t laugh) to capture your next event, a professional headshot, or just want a buddy on your next photo expedition, I’m happy to help out. Questions? Get in touch.

Please check out a sample of my work below.

For more, find me on Instagram.