K through 12

Kindergarten was

peeling dried glue membranes off your fingers; sounds, words, hypercuriosity.

First grade was

doing your best to avoid cooties; word searches, cubbies, snowpants.

Second grade was

taking on chapter books; spelling tests, Jolly Ranchers, recess adventures.

Third grade was

cranking through long division; kickball, capture the flag, Harry Potter.

Fourth grade was

solidifying friendships; imagination , neighborhood nightgames.

Fifth grade was

having a double-digit age; concealed crushes, sleepovers, close friends.

Sixth grade was

turning interests into hobbies; discomfort zones, new friends, advanced math.

Seventh grade was

understanding the importance of deodorant; projecting, finding my humor.

Eighth grade was

adolescence unleashed; energy, long hair, skateboarding.

Ninth grade was

mellowing; wonder, Socratic seminars, talent-building, implicit competition.

Tenth grade was

setting standards; anticipation, stress, finding role models, speculating.

Eleventh grade was

refining the resume; testing, hard work, identity, goals.

Twelfth grade was

 reflecting on the past; laziness, indestructible friendships, claimed futures, farewells.

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