This first year of college has been flying by. I can’t believe it’s already that pre-summer home stretch with just fourish weeks of class left.

High schooler college acceptance statuses have been filling up my Facebook feed recently, which remind me of me one year ago, and how uncertain I was about everything. I was home for spring break, and literally all there was to do was wait, wait for decisions. When I eventually got my letter email from Penn, it was like time split; there would always be the me before acceptance, and the me after. It was a wild feeling.

It’s actually kind of a funny story because a lot of things happened in not a lot of seconds. First, I was caught off guard by this (lovely) video because it started playing automatically and I inadvertantly had my speakers at full volume.

Second, immediately after I finished watching the video and reading the letter that followed, and I mean immediately after, the phone rang, my mom said it was for me, and I was suddenly talking to a recruiter from one of my safety schools — extra awkward because of what had happened just seconds ago. The whole time I was talking to him, I was simultaneously trying to hold in my crazy excitement, asking distracted questions to gracefully land the conversation, and trying to non-verbally communicate to my mom that I had gotten into Penn.

And the rest is history.

It’s been a busy coupla weeks. I went and saw Vanessa Bayer (an alum), Kate McKinnon, and Nick Vatterott perform standup and improv last Wednesday.


Photo from The Daily Pennsylvanian

I’m a big SNL fan, so seeing Kate and Vanessa in person was star striking. It was interesting seeing them individually, independent from the rest of the cast; I got to know them better as people, performers, and comedians. They did personal bits, some Penn-specific snark, and an improv skit with a freshman couple from the audience. It was good stuff.

Other than that, lately I’ve been posting some art here and there. Take a look if you’re interested. That’s it for now though—over n out.