I’m lucky

I used to think of college as a universal term for people in the thirteenth grade or higher, as a place where people sat around and learned calculus. It was a colonnaded castle beyond the highest clouds in my mind.

I used to confuse it with ‘collage.’

Throughout high school, college has been an aspiration, an end to means. I taught myself to juggle two tasks: learning, and developing myself as an applicant.

As Declaration Day approaches, I’m realizing how lucky I am to have been taught in the environment I’ve been taught in. If it weren’t for the dozens of driven, talented, inspiring, and helpful people around me, I wouldn’t’ve met whatever success I have.

I’m also lucky to have the opportunities I did in high school—the chance to work my first job, the chance to work in a lab, the chance to be a part of some legendary extracurricular teams, the chance, the chance, the chance. 

I’m grateful, I’m lucky.


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