Back to school

The recent gloomy weather probably says something about the gloomy end to another satisfying summer vacation. That’s what I was thinking, anyway, as I walked back into the enormous, 487,000 square-foot Wayzata High School for the first time in three months. I’d gone there to pick up my new schedule before the first day of school and, immediately, the memories of freshman year flowed in.

Life as a ninth-grader was actually pretty overwhelming; being the youngest and most inexperienced people in a building of 3000-plus students was a lot to handle right out of middle school. However, now that I’ve been “upgraded” to sophomore standing, I’m going into the school year with a lot more confidence.

For a lot of my peers, going back to school is a pain. Completely understandable. Summer is the only time when there’s no homework to be done, no presentations to give, and no grades to maintain. But it’s also a time for maturation outside the academic bubble. It’s three months of a wholesome freedom.

Although the idea of ‘back to school’ is painful for some, I think it’s more good than bad. Sure, there’s an initial shock of being thrust back into routine, but a few days in, life feels a lot more energizing and productive. Reuniting with classmates also softens the blow. And there’s the school environment itself: squeaky clean hallways, freshly decorated classrooms, and smiling teachers are all part of the welcome-back fanfare.

Back-to-school time is a reminder for us students that the whole K through 12 thing is designed for us to do our personal best. As that first day approaches, it starts to feel a bit like New Years Eve. Consciously or not, I bet a lot of us make resolutions this time of year. Why can’t we have fireworks in September?

Personally, I’m excited to be returning to Wayzata. The social environment and learning opportunities just aren’t compatible with summer—so I guess I’m looking forward to leaving summer in the rain. That’s what I was thinking, anyway, as I walked out with my second-year schedule.

(This was published by Sun Sailor in 2009)


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