May mayhem

The strength of my personal character was strained during the final months of the 2009-2010 school year. The month of May, as most students can attest to, is the most miserable month of the year due to final exams, AP exams, SAT Subject exams, and other approaching deadlines, all of which are concurrent with the first few weeks of summer weather. The endeavor to prepare well for upcoming tests is visibly apparent in students, including myself; coffee thermoses become more profuse, dark circles appear under text-weary eyes, and review books become a common sight, securely tucked under arms when not in use.

The month of May becomes a month of mayhem as educators rush to provide last-minute details and attempt to review a year’s worth of material in a matter of weeks, and in some cases, mere days before the test. Review sessions, taking place apart from the normal school day, are often held by especially dedicated teachers who wish to equip their students with the extra edge they need to score exceptionally well. Albeit less common, study groups provide an effective means of collaborative review; often times, teaching something to your peers is the most valuable method of learning. At the same time, review books offer a condensed yet comprehensible way of applying information to test questions. All the successful students I work with take advantage of as many resources as the can.

When the notorious night-before-the-test arrives, students are well aware of the standard procedure that has been drilled into them over the past few days; getting a good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast are essential components of pre-test-day routine. Most teachers also advise that students not study the night before the test in an effort to prevent lack of sleep. Me? I take a break by writing about all this mayhem…

This was published by Sun Sailor in 2010.


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