Compack Hangers

Compack Hangers



Compack Hangers are sleek, foldable, space-efficient and built to last. A hinge mechanism allows the arms to fold in for storage while an integrated base lends rigid support during use. They were designed for the college student and frequent flyer who too often discard hangers before moving, or try to find a way of packing them efficiently. Compack Hangers solve this problem by stacking together neatly, taking up less than 30% the space of conventional hangers.

Compack in suitcase
5 conventional hangers vs. 6 folded Compack Hangers


The current beta-prototype is made from press fitted, laser-cut acrylic components, and measures 1.75″ by 7″ when folded. At less than 50 grams in mass, Compack Hangers are lightweight yet durable.


Compack Hangers have gone through several design iterations.

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