There and back again

Coming home at the end of the school year meant completing the reverse Minnesota-Pennsylvania road trip I did on the way there. After visiting family in Detroit and Chicago, we finally touched home plate three days after leaving Philly. If there’s one thing I noticed from experiencing that 1200+ mile stretch twice now, it’s that America’s interstate infrastructure game is really something to marvel at. Plus, new respect for truckers who drive these crazy distances for a living. They’re one of the vertebrae of this nation.


Summer has been firing on all cylinders since then, with lots of catching up, visiting, dining, concertgoing, and relearning how to drive suburbanstyle. I’ve been getting up to speed on all the internet and TV I missed thanks to finals, which (along with the pic below) reminds me that The Office series finale special is tonight. Crossing my fingers for a Michael appearance but nevertheless, am prepared to shed oceans.


Well, with freshman year squared away, I’m looking forward to a relaxing summer. That’s it for now!


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