Minnesotan me is new to this hurricane thing. Less than two months into college, and I’m getting an epicenter to the facedelphia. Seriously though, it’s scary. (Happy Halloweek by the way.)

Sandy’s hitting Philly straight on. And if the dozen emergency-crisis-mode-now-is-the-time-to-panic emails from campus and city authority weren’t enough, just looking outside is unsettling. Trees are blasted to awkward angles that look like they would hurt. It’s dark and the streets are empty. Gutters are overflowing. It’s a big, wet mess.

Classes got cancelled today and tomorrow, so that gives me more time to study for my upcoming chem midterm snuggle up with movies and NBC comedy. Until the power goes out, that is.

Stay safe east coasters.

2 thoughts on “Sandy

  1. Hi Ishmam, I always enjoy seeing what you’re up to/thinking. Stay safe.
    Here we’ve had a few fat snowflakes but nothing dramatic to report. We’ll see if we can arrange something winter-ish without being of the scale that would affect your holiday travel plans when the time comes.
    We miss you at MH. Take care of yourself!


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