The science fair scramble

Today marks my second year participating in the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair and I’ve realized: no matter how early I start preparing, it always comes down to the eleventh hour. This year’s better though—hence time to write.

Aside from the actual research, getting ready for the fair itself is somewhat of a mini marathon. There’s a twenty-or-so-page research paper to write, an abstract to polish, a slew of paperwork to churn out, a presentation to plan, and a large, professional poster to put together. Somehow, it all gets done.

The payoff is worth it though. Science fairs are one of the few occasions that you get to talk about your research with people outside your lab who are impassioned and knowledgeable enough to hold an in-depth conversation. Moreover, though, science fairs allow the opportunity to win recognition for hard work. They’re a weekend well-spent and worth every bit of preparation.

Looking forward to later this afternoon!

More about
what I’ll be presenting today: Research
conducting research in high school: Lessons from the Lab
my experience last year at TCRSF: 1019W
my experience last year at MN State: e-27


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