Looks good, buddy

So I’m sitting in the waiting area.

Next to me is this peppy mom and her 4? 5? year-old son who’s also in line for a haircut. A few minutes pass, we get called up, and my haircut happens. 

As I head up out of the barber chair and to the cash register, the kid’s mom looks up from her magazine and goes, “looks good, buddy!” I’m kinda confused by this first-time familiarity but reply with a reflexive “thanks!” just before my neural circuitry aligns and I realize that she’s actually talking to her son who had also just finished his haircut and was following just behind me. Her eyes shift from him to me and my brain immediately starts producing the chemical that makes u feel real dum. I didn’t know how to verbally recover outside an exhaled “oh/woops” so I just avoided eye contact while she probably laughed.

Anyway. It’s been a good semester so far. Two snow days helped. Things I want to do through May:

  • blog more, both here and yonder the button
  • make some more art posters and stickers
  • go to bed at a time that is considered good for humans

Things I am excited about right now:

  • my acceptance into the Rodin Visual Arts Program
  • having a hexaperfect IV Gyarados
  • not having any homework
  • cinnamon roasted almonds

How to end this post:

  • Not
  • Really
  • Sure