100 thoughts on “AP US History Note Library

  1. I think they are excellent for a quick review and an overview of the chapter. If you want to know every single detail and fluff in the book, then read the book, but this has a good “to the point” feel.

  2. Hey Ishmam!

    Thank you so much for your notes, they are very easy to use and comprehensive. I wonder if it would be possible to add a caption next to the chapter numbers as to which period each chapter is about? I study out of a different textbook, and i think it would be easy and add a lot of value to the notes.


  3. Your notes are really helpful! they definately helped me get an “A” last semester. I was curious however how much longer chap 37-45 would be temporally unavailable. I was just wondering because we are about two units away from starting chap 37.
    Thanks so much!

    • I’ve decided to stagger the availability of my notes so that students at my school can’t use them to cheat. Expect the next couple chapters every week or so. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      EDIT: All the notes are available now!

  4. Thanks for the notes! They are a helpful study tool for test-review.

    By the way, where did the post on the e-mail exchange between you and Goodrich go?

  5. Salams Ishmam,

    Thank you very, very much! These notes have been a very useful test prep source, I can’t thank you enough!

    BTW, why did you change the format to PDF? Word was better for me :(

  6. OMG THIS IS SAVING MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone else’s notes online suck and are so hard to understand but yours are perfect! thank you so muchhhh (again)!! I’d definitely be failing APUS if it wasnt for your notes! I wish i would of found out about these notes 1st semester!!!!!

  7. Hey these have been simply incredible, thank you soso much!! They’re a great way to review everything. Just a question, will the last couple chapters ever go up? Thanks again for everything!

    • Thanks for the feedback and great question! The last couple chapters weren’t as relevant to the AP exam so it wasn’t useful for me to take many notes on them, sorry! I just used a review book to skim through the more modern material.

  8. I absolutely love you for putting this up! This just saved my life!! Thankk youuuuuuu!!!!! *notgoingtofailmyexamdannncee*

  9. Hey Ishmam, I have enjoyed your outlines and they are extremely helpful, but I was wondering when you’re going to put up the last two chapters.

    • Thanks for the comment. The last couple chapters, which cover more modern history, weren’t as relevant to the AP exam so it wasn’t useful for me to take extensive notes on them. I suggest skimming through those chapters in a review book.

  10. Thank you so much. It is a joy to keep up with my history Professor. I’m spreading the word. “All hail to Ishmam”

  11. this is so great! do you have notes for the first 4 chapters as well? :) I’m definitely letting my class know of this website! It really helps me a lot.

    • I used to, but they weren’t worth using (they were really disorganized and weak). So I trashed them and only kept the decent, usable notes, which are chapters 5 and onward.

  12. I am taking IB HOA, and I’m going to use these to study this weekend! i’m super busy and I think this will help me a lot! I’ll let you know how my test goes! Thanks a bunch!

  13. Hey I was just wondering if Chapter 36 and Chapter 37 notes will be up soon. Your notes are great because they truly help me comprehend the information I read in the book.

  14. Just wanted to point out a possible error real quick, in Chapter 6, page 2, you said “Another force would move easy from New York” Did you mean ”East”, instead of ”Easy”?

  15. Hm… A month or so after I started using your resources, they blocked them at our school. I guess they don’t like students getting a little help! Nevertheless, it’s been four months now, and your notes are still helping me a ton! (Even if it means I can only access them from home). Again, great work!

  16. Is it possible to use these notes as a first source to study for my APUSH semester exam? Because the book is just too long and too time consuming.

  17. Do you think studying from these notes would suffice for my APUSH Semester Exam? Because the book is 800+ and I just don’t have the time to read through it all.

  18. Thank you so much for the notes. They are a great study tool for the AP test an oncoming Test. Thank you for your time and effort to make it easier to study for everyone else

  19. Are you going to post chapters 36 and 37? I’m studying for the APUSH AP exam and I noticed they weren’t available. Thanks so much for all your help!

    • Thanks! And I’m sorry, the topics in those chapters weren’t really covered in the test when I took it, so I never took notes on them. Best of luck!


  21. Hey Ishmam! these are amazing and I noticed a lot of people asked about ch 1-4 and that you don’t have them because they aren’t very high-quality. For a lot of my other notes I use cms.jeffyoshimura.com, which has almost all of the books chapters (ALMOST all; that’s why I’m here). You might want to consider posting this link:
    again, this pdf covers the chapters you’re missing :) idk if there will be any issues with copyright (?) but I can’t imagine Yoshimura would be upset to have others going to his sight. Stay awesome!!

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