Hi. My name is Ishmam.

I’ve been carving out this little portfolio/niche on the Internet with advice and anecdotes and art and mischief since 2010. I like writing for fun. I also like the perks, connections, conversations, and affirmation of my existence that come from doing so publicly.

Thanks for visiting.

For my resume or any other questions, please contact me at ishmamahmed1|at|gmail|dot|com

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Brilliant work Ishmam! :D
    Your writing style is awesome. I enjoyed going through it.
    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to some more great stuff from you.

  2. Came across your blog and had a blast reading some of your entries! Good luck in your future writing endeavors :) Maybe I’ll see at UPenn someday…

  3. Dear Ishmam,

    You have made it to my blogroll for your attention to the craft of Storytelling. Thank you for your reflections on the human experience.

    Now for the serious issue:

    **Where the heck is my haircut art in a Michaels Arts & Crafts frame?***


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