Blue and gold

The first time I stepped foot in Wayzata High School was during a choir field trip in middle school; we were meeting the high school choir and singing a few warm ups with them.

I remember being inspired by the bigness of the auditorium, coupled with the resounding majesty of a top-notch choir. I still remember thinking, “this is the place where futures are made,” where students become scholars, the bridge to college and ‘the real world’ beyond.  And I still remember wanting to start ninth grade the next day.

It’s Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 and I’m graduating today. Now more than four years since that initial field trip encounter—and in spite of the homework and crowded hallways—my awe and appreciation for Wayzata haven’t faltered. I’m lucky to have gone to such a great school offering so many opportunities.

Graduating isn’t bittersweet. It’s just sweet. Sure, I’ll miss the friends, the bonds, the environment, and the memories, but graduation doesn’t mean I have to leave them behind, and regardless, it doesn’t have to be bitter.

As I walk across the stage at Target Center today, I’ll be thinking of the friends I’ve made, the success I’ve met, and the experiences I’ve had because of Wayzata. I’ll be triumphant in blue and gold.

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