Karate chop writer’s block

So here I am, adding to the gazillion other unsolicited writer’s block suggestions already online. Maybe the reason why there are so many is because there’s no guaranteed way to overcome it. Everyone does it differently.

It’s like having the hiccups.

If brainstorm clouds are nowhere on the horizon, there are a few techniques I use to at least get a brainrain going. The following is what I usually do, in suggestion form.

1. Read your own, old writing.

Go back into a journal, click through old blog posts, pull up an old document on your computer, an essay never finished, a poem only titled, even a school assignment. I usually look for things to improve, chewable things like word choice and style, and try to use those improvable items as a core for the next thing I’m supposed to write. As far as writing topics go, old stuff can be re-drafted and usually have other ideas tangent to them.

2. Read something out loud.

It’s weird and works best for me when used with the previous suggestion. There’s something about saying stuff in the air that isn’t quite captured by saying stuff in your head. Writing isn’t the same as speaking, just like scripts aren’t the same as plays. You can pick up a lot of things about your own writing and voice therein, just by reading aloud.

If, to get wheels turning, you decide to read from a journal or diary, make sure the necessary precautions are taken to avoid embarrassment.

3. Read blogs.

Do a search for topics you’re interested in on your favorite blog site. You’d be surprised at how many useful, quirky, funny, relatable, insightful, and brain-sparking writers there are out there. Piggybacking might be fine and helpful, but don’t use other blogs as a crutch; be original.

4. Write about writer’s block.


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